Sunday, January 24, 2016

NOISE BOX 2 4/28

Back in July I played a cool show at the Crunch House (RIP) with JE Double F and Old Self and for that night only we redubbed the Crunch House as NOISE BOX. While the Crunch House has shut its doors, I liked the NOISE BOX label and (with Old Self's blessing) have adopted the term for any cross-genre noise shows I put on. That being said, here's the flyer for NOISE BOX 2.

I'm excited to be branching outside of the hip hop world for a bit since there's a lot of really interesting and progressive music going on in New Haven. I've always stuck out in the CT hip hop game, so let's see where this goes. Regardless, I'm excited for this lineup and I'm planning on keeping this series of shoes going (sooner rather than later). Keep an eye out for more really soon.

Oh... and I'm working on an album. Stay tuned for details on that.

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