Saturday, April 12, 2014

CT's Fauxchella

May 2nd I'm playing the Fauxchella pre-party. It's a mixed genre show with some rappers, some bands, some serious dopeness. Check it out. There's still 1 act TBA so be sure to check back for that. It's gonna be a fun time.

It's at the Crunch House, so all the general rules apply. All ages. BYOB (if you're 21+). $5 cover charge (or free if you have a ticket to CT's Fauxchella). Speaking of which, Fauxchella's gonna be a dope time, too. I've got a bunch of friends playing it as well as musicians I just happen to enjoy. Political Animals, Ceschi, Mister, Armand Hammer, Heavy Breath, and Sarcasmo to name a few. Peep the flyer below.

On a side note, I'm gonna be making an effort to post more news on here. Don't take the radio silence as meaning I'm not doing anything. I've been pretty busy. You'll hear more soon. Trust.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


EXIT EP IS OUT RIGHT NOW!!! Click the image to download the album for 2 bucks or stream it for freeeee!

Also, if you're in CT be sure to hit up this event at the Crunchiest of Houses. It's a dual CD release party between myself and Anonymous. The lineup has some of the dopest emcees in the area and the Crunch House always has fun shows. I also illustrated this poster. So that's cool.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Busy busy busy

Man, it's been a crazy week. Between Halloween, releasing the music video, Rhode Island Comic Con, announcing the EP release (getting physical copies of THAT all ready), booking, AND a 40 hour a week job I've been doing a lot of running around. That being said, Rhode Island Comic Con.

This was a super last minute thing, only hearing about it a few months ago when I hit up Boston. I just barely snuck in as one of the last people to get tables, and I'm pretty glad I did. It's really close, and I ran into a bunch of people I know. Some expected, some not so much. Glad to see both Jennie Wood and John Yuskaitis and glad I got a chance to meet Eric Carlson and his wife (who was kind enough to watch my table a few times while I snuck out to grab some food. Seriously, this was the first Con I've done where I haven't dragged someone along with me so that was a real life saver!). He does a comic called Tiki P.I. that is absolutely hilarious and absurd. Highly recommended.

Also, I did a bunch of sketches this weekend. I was a Pokemon trainer for Halloween, so decided to just keep wearing the Ash Ketchum hat all weekend. As a result people kept asking for Pokemon sketches. No complaints here.

The Kanto starters. OG status.



Mega Charizard X. Yeah, we went there.

This is actually the first thing I drew when I got there, based on that rumor that Gengar is supposed to be the shadow of Clefable, since they have a very similar silhouette and Gengar is known as the "shadow Pokemon." A lot of people showed interest in this one, but it eventually went home with the lovely Bethany Maddock. She's a pretty badass cosplayer and you should go check out her gender swapped Scorpion from Mortal Kombat if you've never seen it.

Now these two are ones that I had actually done prior to this Convention, but they just happened to find a home this time around. Someone appreciates my derpy Street Sharks drawing.

Saturday I got more commissions, but Sunday I got WEIRDER commissions. This one is Gene Simmons if he were also Venom.

A pug wearing shades doing something cool. I have no idea.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Exit music video

Happy Halloween! Check out my brand new music video!

Directed by Mike Levine.
Special thanks to Old Self, The Mushroom Cloud, Kyle Pasciutti, and Dylon Brooks.

To download the song, hit up My Soundcloud Page. This is the title track and single off of an EP I have coming up. It will be available on November 19th in both digital and physical formats. Be excited.