Monday, January 14, 2013

New Website and Upcoming Album


Alright, as you have probably noticed (since you're already here if you're reading this), this a brand new website to showcase my work. You may have some questions like, "what happened to ZGillustration?" and "Why the name change?"

See... here's the thing.

I got to thinking about the current state of music, and more and more it seems like the music itself is no longer the product. Albums are either put out for free or downloaded illegally while artists are making all of their money off of the live show and the merchandise. Now, what goes on merchandise? What goes on the t shirt? Artwork. The artwork is the product, and the music is the promotion for it. It's a weird backwards way of thinking about it, but it makes sense to me. More importantly, given that frame of thought it makes more sense to try and combine my music and artwork together instead of keeping them separate.

I do too many things, I'm aware of this. So here we have ZG Creations. A blanket home for all of my creative endeavors, both auditory and visual.

Speaking of which, I have an album coming out. February 4th, I'm releasing my full length rap debut, Worm's Eye View. It's 12 tracks of alternative and experimental hip hop completely written, produced, and performed by yours truly.

Be sure to check back often, as I'll be updating with new artwork and tracks from Worm's Eye View fairly regularly. You can also click some of the social media links over on the right side of the page to check out my facebook, twitter, tumblr, and whatnot.

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